Site Survey & Feasibility analysis of Site

A through solar site survey is the first step one should take to ensure to get the best performance from new solar power system
Jm Solar Solution Company is the one that can provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of a complete Solar Project. An Jm Solar Solution company provides a full-service experience to seamlessly acquire a solar installation and receive continual support in maintaining the system.
The Jm Solar Solution Vertical consists of design and development team through specialized multiple software for building the solar power plant project report. Our range of services includes testing and simulation of the system, analyzing the various aspects such as tilt angle, shadow effect, structure design etc.
Activities include in our Jm Solar Solution Services:-
Perform a site survey to check the viability of a solar system
Determine solar power generation capacity and equipment selection
Design and install the solar system
Setup net metering when viable
Facilitate solar financing -including tax incentives and rebates Team does the site survey and checks the feasibility for Solar project. Our team also involves in liasoning activities with various Government and Discom’s department for approvals and other statutory compliance's.
Few parameters that includes in our site survey are:
1. Shadow test: To collect maximum sunlight during the day, the solar PV panel should face as much south as possible. The rooftop must be checked for the shadows of trees or adjoining builds etc.,particularly from south direction.
2. Type of Structure required: Type of Module Mounting structure required for the Solar panel erection. It varies from location to location and depends upon space availability.
3. Sizing of solar system: Figure out the energy needs of the Building for finding capacity and type of system required i.e. Grid Connected or Hybrid system
4. Location of Equipment: Where do we locate the Balance of System components? Ex: Inverter, DC Combiner box, AC Distribution Box, Batteries, if required.

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